About Deir Debwan Charity Organization

Deir Debwan charity organization was founded in 1978-1979 in the united state by a group of the sons of Deir Debwan to unite all debwanians under one organization to keep the ties and culture and help the people in Deir Debwan.

 Our Mission
  Unite all immigrants from Deir Debwan and encourage them to join the organization
Help the needy families from Deir Debwan.
  Give scholarships to the needy students to help in their expense when they attend colleges in Palestine or the Arab countries.
  Help and maintain the schools in Deir Debwan.
  Help to improve the quality of life  by promoting and building the structure of Deir Debwan.
  Giving donations to all needy families on yearly bases throughout the past thirty years.
  Grant scholarships for an average of over 40 college students a year.
  Helping the expansion of the schools by either marinating or building new classroom as needed.
  Helping to build the new main mosque in the cit
  Building the new boys High School.
  Helping the town in opening new roads and fixing the old ones especially the main entrance.
  Building the new medical center in Deir Debwan.
  Support the ladies organization in Deir Debwan to keep giving helping hand to the elderly.
The charity is funded by yearly membership dues and donations.

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